YES!  I'd love to!  If you're local, let's set up a time we can meet over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and figure out exactly what you need for your day.  Not local?  I Skype too!

Trying to figure all of this out online is complicated!  Can you sit down with us & help us figure it out?

I'm pretty sure every photographer has some sort of bucket list of places or people they'd love to work with here are a few of mine:

I love pretty much any Washington DC church wedding....BUT, if I were going to narrow it down to three that I'm dying to photograph a wedding in at the moment, it would be St. Matthew's Basilica, St. Nicholas Cathedral, and Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart at Georgetown University.  

Top three churches *near* DC: St. James Episcopal in Leesburg, VA, Christ Church in Alexandria, VA, and Amelia Presbyterian Church in Amelia, VA.

Top Three Churches NOT even close to DC: Hallgrums Church in Iceland; the chapel at Drumtochty Castle in Scotland; and Glocester Cathedral in England.  Hey, I'm dreaming right?!?

Places I love for their archtecture in the greater Washington DC area: Union Station, Anderson House, Mansion on O Street, and The Willard.

What's on your photography bucket list?

I go to a lot of weddings!  Once I've talked with you about what your hopes are for your day, I'm happy to put you in touch with people who would be a great fit to make that come true.

I still need to find a planner, dj, florist, etc.  Do you know a good one?

Okay, so no one really asks this question. But after following industry trends for several years, I discovered the best thing I can be is me.   I'm a big architecture nerd. I love to knit and bake.  In the summer I can usually be found lap swimming, and in the winter I ride my bike for exercise.  

I've noticed you rarely post about Rose, sprinkle donuts, macarons, or hanging out at coffee shops with your macbook on social Media.  Are you sure you're really a wedding photographer?

Nikon for digital, but my film cameras are all Canon.   I do not currently shoot film at weddings.

Nikon or canon?

I'm so glad you asked!  It's a close tie between the conversation with the Frenchman on the castle wall and Robin's singing minstrels.

What is your favorite scene from Monty Python?

YES!  I would even go so far as to say they're my favorite.  Beyond loving art and photography, I'm also kind of an architecture nerd.

ARE you comfortable shooting an indoor ceremony?

Of course I LOVE incredible natural light (everyone does)!  But more importantly great photography REQUIRES good light.  I'm an expert at keeping my flash from looking too....errr....flash-y.  So bring on your 7PM winter wedding, wood-paneled ballrooms, and dark churches...I have you covered. 

Do you prefer Flash or NAtural Light?

Rarely.  I generally like to stay within a 4 hour drive of Washington DC, but occasionally make exceptions.  A few of those exceptions are Tampa, FL, Wilmington, NC, and Pittsburgh, PA.  I have close ties in each of these locations and travel there regularly.  I also have a MAJOR soft spot for weddings in historical churches around the globe and would by happy to chat with you about traveling for your church wedding.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

If I were going to define my style in one word, it would be INTENTIONAL.  Some people want to hear buzz words like "Fine Art" or "Light & Airy,"  but I find I'm hard to sum up.  What I am very intentional about is making sure you're in the best light and setting to keep the focus on the emotions & interactions of you, your fiance, and your family and friends as your day unfolds authentically.

How would you define your style?

Toasts!  I laugh, I cry, and I usually find out some hilarious little nuggets about the bride & groom.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

I bridged the gap between fine art and commercial photography in 2013.  Prior to this, I was creating and showing fine art paintings and photographs both regionally and nationally.

How long have you been a photographer?

This is a really important question!  Your wedding photography is the primary aspect of your day that will preserve not just the beautiful details -- your flowers, dress, etc. -- but more importantly the way the day *felt* as well as the way the day looked.  It's the historic recording of all those little moments so you can share them with those who weren't able to join you.  Finding the right photographer is really important!  Style & Personality are the two biggest areas you'll want to check for compatibility.  Browse through my portfolio & if you love my style, let's chat and see if we're a good match!

How will I know if you're the right wedding photographer for me?

You've Already done the hard part and found the love of your life!

Let me help you with the rest...

I have more questions!  Let's chat....

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions....


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