This is my husband Todd.   Not only is he one of the things  I love most about my life, but it was him and our love story together that encouraged me to become and artist and in particular a wedding photographer after we moved to the Washington DC area.  

We met online in early 2009, when meeting online wasn't yet a thing.  Our first date was a screening of Fiddler on the Roof.  He knew right away he wanted to spend his life with me.  I took a bit more convincing, although not too much. :)

He proposed in July of the same year and we were married in October.

He's an incredible cook, super handy, and is the very best "Dada" to our little girl.  I can't image life without this guy.

My husband

These are a few of my favorite Things

This is my daughter.

This is what happens when I let her pick her outfit, the menu, and where she would like to eat breakfast.

She refers to herself as
"The Tiniest Hipster."

This Girl!

These are a few of my favorite Things

I LOVE to cook!  

Sweets are my favorite, but I also make an incredible pot of soup.  Mastering the art of making French Macarons has been one of my more recent endeavors. 

They tasted even better than they look! 


These are a few of my favorite Things

I was a fine artist long before I was a photographer.  I spent most of my time in college as a painter and showed work both regionally and nationally before taking my portrait business full time.  

I still paint occasionally and it is this fine art background that informs so much of who I am as a photographer.  I love intense colors, intentional compositions, and love to keep working until everything is just the way I wanted it.

This is me working on a commission from 2013. 


These are a few of my favorite Things

Beach, Pool, Bathtub.....I just LOVE being in the water.


These are a few of my favorite Things

LONG before I was a photographer, I was a pilot.  I spent a few years in the early 2000s flying corporate turbo-props before pursuing other career opportunities.  Flying, airplanes, and pretty much anything to do with airports has always been a passion of mine.  

This is one of the very rare images of me flying.

It's been a long time since I've flown regularly and do not keep any of my licenses current, but still love to chat about airplanes.

You too?  Let's chat!


These are a few of my favorite Things

I took this photo of my grandma, who is in her 90s a few years ago.   She is also an artist and one of my greatest inspirations both creatively and in life.  


My Grandma

These are a few of my favorite Things