The simple answer is, YES!  I go over this particular subject in more detail on my blog, which you can check out here. I'm happy to chat with you about the details over the phone. 

Can We bring our dog to our session?

I believe your session should be perfectly tailored to your family and not a photo mill.  Often my favorite portraits come as the session develops.  It's rare that I have more than one session in a day and love to be able to truly focus on just you.

Do you offer mini sessions?

The idea of photographic "props" is an important thing to talk about in our Post-Pinterest world.  I highly encourage you to bring items  that speak to who you are as a family or to this particular period in your lives.  As an example, you'll see the little boy pushing his grandfather's vintage firetruck in my portfolio and the image of my own daughter carrying  her monkey.  That monkey is incredibly important at our house and at the time there was no sleeping without her.  I love being able to look back at those chubby little hands clutching her favorite thing.

Do you use props?

Yes! I do not charge extra for including grandparents in the session.  This is after all, about your life.  If you intend on including family members beyond grandparents, please get in touch and we can chat about creating a package that is just right for you.

Can Grandma & Grandpa come to the session too?

I always keep a few dates open each season to help accommodate rescheduling when the weather doesn't cooperate.  It's important to me that you are as comfortable as possible on the day of your session. 

What happens if it rains on our scheduled date?

I schedule lifestyle sessions on both weekdays and weekends.  My weekend dates fill up VERY quickly, especially in the fall. I generally recommend scheduling 8-10 weeks in advance when possible.  If the weather stays favorable for several weeks without having to use my rain dates, I do occasionally have last minute openings for a couple of extra sessions.  Get in touch!  

How far in advance do you schedule lifestyle sessions?

Many privately owned locations as well as some publicly owned lands do require additional permits.  If you have a place in mind and would like help figuring out the permitting process, please let me know and I can  help navigate that with you.

Are there fees or permits required for using certain locations?

Northeast Florida, and the surrounding areas are rife with incredible portrait locations!  I strongly encourage you to choose a location with meaning to your and your family.  This may be the beach, a favorite local tropical garden spot, or even your own home or backyard.  A place with meaning to you will make the photos feel that much more authentic to you and your family. 


Typically  sessions  last around one hour. However, I try to remain flexible with the needs of your family.

How long will our session last?

Lifestyle Photography is about your life.  It's more than just faces smiling back at the camera, it's about capturing the very essence of the PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS that best represent you and the ones you do life with.  Every season of our lives is different.  From the messiness of life with toddlers, to the changing of your body during motherhood, to the day when your "little ones" are now bigger than you.  It's the joy on your child's face when you take him to the playground or embracing how much your family loves life in here in Florida or sailing on the St. Johns.  I want your photos to reflect you and your family as authentically as possible.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Session DETAILS...

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