Professional & Personal Goals for 2019


So it’s February and I’m ready to claim my goals for 2019. Although tradition dictates setting goals at the beginning of January, I prefer to test drive a variety of goals during the month January instead to make sure they are indeed carrying me on the trajectory I want for that year, and then set more informed goals at the beginning of February.


2018 was an amazing year of growth for my small business! I booked a record number of sessions & weddings and every single one was with a couple or family I was super excited to work with.  However, growth always comes with a steep learning curve and learning takes time.  For most of the year I was like a duck cruising across a pond gracefully on the surface, but paddling like crazy underneath.  My goals for 2019 aren’t about booking more or making more $$$.  My goals for 2019 are about balance and efficiency.  And I intend to make them as measurable as possible.

… this is what I’m setting out to do this year….

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Although much of the photography I do is outside, the majority of my time is spent in my office…at my computer…in our basement…editing…working on my website…returning emails…..sending contracts…and doing the host of other things that comes with running a small business.  I also spend a mess of time listing to pod casts (how else can you edit for 8 hours straight?), one of which talked about reducing stress by looking at trees.  I’ve decided to make a daily walk a part of my schedule with the specific goal of looking at trees.  January & February aren’t very stressful months, so it may not *really* be working yet; however, making this part of my daily routine definitely feels good.

MEASURABLE GOAL: I will go for a 20-25 minute walk each morning after day-care drop off.  I will walk the same route and watch as the trees change.  The magnolia trees and cherry trees already have the starts to tiny buds that have begun to form over just the last few weeks.



Those of you who knew me through the 2012-ish range, would not have believed I could go for days, weeks, or dare I say months without proper exercise.  Most of my exercise over the years has been centered on biking, swimming, running, & rowing (outside in a real boat).  Biking & running are the two most obvious convenient choices at the moment here in Northern Virginia.  I’ve been doing a good bit of both over the last few weeks.  A new cassette & chain on my road bike this month definitely improved the fun factor for me.  In the meantime, by friend Rhonda Jewett’s voice keeps repeating in my head “Fitness before Fun.”  Thank you Rhonda!  If we get as much rain as last year however, I may still have to make nice with my old friend Gym too.

MEASURABLE GOAL:  Bike from my house to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon and back.  Depending on the route I take this is about a 30 mile round trip.  Over the summer I would like to *finally* break over 3 miles of lap swimming in one day.  For running, I would like to train to 6 miles.



If you’ve followed along in my insta-stories for any amount of time, you’ll know I spend a mess of time in the kitchen.  It’s something I enjoy doing by myself, as well as with my daughter.  From soups to sauces and bread to braising, I’ve tried a ton of things.  …but I’ve never tried to do more than just a cell phone photo of my culinary creations.  This year I would like to explore food photography.

MEASURABLE GOAL: Take Photos of Food.  Blog about it.



Nothing gets me more excited than working with a couple who chooses to make their faith a part of their wedding ceremony.  Last year I added a Hindu ceremony, a Ukrainian Orthodox Wedding, a Mormon sealing ceremony, a host of new Catholic Churches in the area.  I would love to add a Muslim, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and a traditional Jewish Synagogue Wedding to my portfolio this year.

MEASURABLE GOAL:  Spend time studying each of these types of ceremonies and visit a variety of houses of worship.



We’ve used the same tax preparation service for the last 10 years and my incredible husband manages most of the day-to-day accounting work; however, this is the year we would like to outsource our accounting.  Send me a email if you have a suggestion of an small business accountant you love.  I promise I’ll wait until they’re finished with tax season to contact them.

MEASURABLE GOAL: I will hire an accountant by May 2019.



I love getting to keep up with people’s daily lives through social media; but NOTHING beats actually getting to hang out old school style over a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or even better dinner and game night.  If you’re from out of town, come visit!  If you’re local, let’s set something up!  ….and if you play Catan, we really, really should hang out more.  Just sayin’.

MEASURABLE GOAL:  Have at least three entirely personal/social events on the calendar for each month and at least two professional events. – January was a great start!



In 2011 daily journal-ing was my top goal for that year.  It was an incredible year of personal growth for me and I believe in large part because I was spending time in quiet reflection and did go back and read old entry.  I’ve let this habit slide for a few years, but am bringing it back.  Who else is a journal-er?

MEASURABLE GOAL: Journal daily.



One of the greatest gifts I’ve had in my life are the people who *really* believed in me and cheered for me day after day.  I want to be that type of cheerleader for others.

MEASURABLE GOAL:  Submit timely Google reviews for companies I’ve worked with and enjoyed their services.  Select a handful of people whose purpose for their business is interesting to me and cheer for them wholeheartedly.  Be willing to *really* listen to others without comparing myself.  Celebrate with others when they win and encourage those who need encouragement.



MEASURABLE GOAL: I posted this goal as a blog post.  That is as good a start as any.


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